Uniquely designed and handcrafted Berber rugs!


House of beni offers Berber Carpets that will award your home a different, alluring atmosphere! Browse our 100% handmade Moroccan Rugs and completely change your home’s aura !

Prestigious Rugs

Prestigious Rugs

House of beni is one of the very few shops selling truly authentic and rare made-for-home vintage Berber rugs. Going back to our own Berber roots, we find honest old treasures by travelling through remote rural Morocco to select original handcrafted carpets

Ancestral Handmade Expertise

Ancestral Handmade Expertise

All the carpets we offer are authentic. They are genuine Berber carpets of great quality, handmade by weavers of the Middle Atlas from natural materials (wool or cotton). Each of them is unique, full of history and emotions.

We are committed to a responsible and sustainable lifestyle

At House of beni, we believe in a sustainable and responsible lifestyle. It's quite a mission we've set for ourselves, but we love it and we believe in it. We are convinced that we can consume differently, while respecting each other, nature and the planet. Yes, decorating one's interior can be done in full consciousness. We prove it every day !

Create your berber carpet

Not all rooms are created equal, certain spaces call for something different - a more tailormade approach. We can adapt any design to suit your particular requirements. We can make you a custom-made Berber carpet by adapting to all your needs: color, design, size ... the existing Berber rugs can also be modified.

Custom made

While we have a wide range of styles, colours and sizes available, sometimes a bespoke Berber rug is the best way to attain the best fit for your space.