There are many ways to decorate your home with authentic Berber rugs. These rugs look great on the floor and are suitable for any occasion. To enjoy the ethnic, chic and authentic touch of these rugs in your home decor but also their comfort, here are some ways to design your home with these Berber rugs:

Spread the joy with oversized rugs

One of the easiest and most stylish ways to decorate your home with Berber rugs is to opt for a classic oversized rug to cover your living room floor. Choose the perfect color to create a matchy-matchy look with your interior.

Berber rugs are durable. So you can easily place a sofa on the rug without it getting damaged. This will look great and create a unique sitting area in your home.

Mastering the art of layering

If you want to get a combination of different Berber rugs together in your interior design, layering is probably the best way for you. For this, you can choose two Boucherouite rugs in a combination of different sizes and colors.

You can place these rugs on top of each other. And enjoy the fascinating beauty they bring to your home and life. Create this layer of art in the center of your living room or anywhere you like in your home.

Decorate with a small rug

You can also try to decorate by placing a small Berber carpet in the center of your living room. The furniture will be arranged around this beautiful carpet. A different and original way will be to align these pieces of furniture around this carpet so that part of the furniture covers the carpet while the rest covers the floor.

Bringing together two different rugs

If you want to play the atypical card, then one of the best ways to decorate your home is to bring two Berber rugs of different design and style. You can put them together and enjoy the originality they bring to your decor.

So, choose your favorite rug design and order it today!